1. Go to http://www.littledippersalida.com/wp-admin, enter login and password which will take you to WordPress dashboard. Click on pages on left menu bar and go to your home page (there is only one page).
  2.  Click on Edit with Elementor in top WP menu bar (NOT “EDIT PAGE”).
  3.  Elementor editing interface will come up
  4. Scroll down on page to Soups/Stews TABS and hover over orange area, where you will see a tiny blue box in upper right corner to EDIT TAB, which is how the soups are set up.
  5. Click on that to open up tabs editing box, where you will see your current soups.
  6. Click on particular soup you want to edit. “Add Media” is where you add soup picture. Edit the picture to be THUMBNAIL (150x150px) and left alignedAdd “alt” text for picture” in image editing box. Type in soup description in same box.  ALWAYS USE “VISUAL EDITOR” (VS. TEXT) UNLESS YOU KNOW HTML.
  7. To add a new soups click the + sign and follow same procedure. Click X to delete a soup.
  8.  Always click green UPDATE box when you are done!!!! Soup is then “live”.
  9. Your soup pics will all be stored in your media library for when you want use them again. 
  10. Click hamburger menu top left to get out of Editing. You will see View Page option, Check that everything’s ok. 
NOTE: Images should ultimately be the same size and square.

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